The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe Explained Pt. 3


Since making its presence known at the end of the 2007 box office hit, Iron Man, fans have fallen heads, shoulders, and everything else over heels of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also known as the MCU. But a lot of people don’t know that while there is an order to the movies that have come out, the timeline can be confusing at times. What was the beginning and what lead up to now? Well fret no more because I have gone through the movies (and the wiki ) to accurately explain the timeline in the MCU. This is part three of Jaytezla Explains the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now we need to go over three main rules:

  1. This is going to cover every movie in the series, and ONLY the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The reason I’m leaving out Agent Carter and the Netflix shows( Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) is due to the fact that we don’t have alot of data on them to fit them into the entirety of the timeline. What we do know is that Agent Carter happens one year after Captain America: The First Avenger and that the Netflix shows happen 1 year to 18 months after the Battle of New York in Avengers.
  2. This is going to be spoiler heavy, implying you have seen all the movies and tv show. If you haven’t seen either, then watch each movie and bookmark this to read it later. It will also only go up to the tail-end of Doctor Strange. We are also going to stick with the important stuff, not the unnecessary fluff.
  3. Last but not least, we need a Code Sheet for the movies, and here it is.

Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3: IM, IM2, IM3

Captain America, CA: Winter Soldier, CA: Civil War: CA, WS, CW

Incredible Hulk: IH

Thor and Thor: The Dark World: TH, THDW

Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron: AV, AVU

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: AOS

Guardians of The Galaxy: GOTG

Ant-Man: AM

Doctor Strange: DS

Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, we are going to go from the end of Iron Man 3 to Avenger’s Age of Ultron.

  1. Cybertek Technologies finishes its construction of a prosthetic leg, which is part of Project Deathlok. (AOS)
  2. Grant Ward is assigned to Phil Coulson’s new team, along with Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Melinda May. Skye is apprehended by Coulson and Ward while airing a Rising Tide transmission. Skye is kidnapped by Michael Peterson, a subject in the Centipede Project. He is confronted in the Union Station by Coulson and knocked unconscious by Ward. (AOS)
  3. On October 12th, 2013, a woman named Raina kidnaps a street magician named Chan Ho Yin, who has pyrokinetic abilities. They later use the Centipede Project to amplify his powers , but the base is attacked by Coulson’s team, leading to Chan Ho Yin’s death. (AOS)
  4. On October 21st, 2013, Thor begins leading missions with Asgardian soldiers to end threats attacking the other realms. Nine days later, the Convergence begins, causing portals of all Nine Realms to appear. The next day, Thor arrives and helps defeats the Marauders in Vanaheim. Meanwhile, in London, Jane Foster stumbles into finding a portal leading her to the location of the Aether. It infects her and returns her to London. Heimdall simultaneously senses her disappearance while in conversation with Thor, and Thor rushes to Earth to find her. Thor sees Jane knock someone away via the Aether, and rushes her back to Asgard. While there, Odin sees that the Aether has taken her as a host. Malekith awakens and begins his plot to reclaim the Aether. (TDW)
  5. Skye hacks into the Hub to find out her parents, but the information shows nothing of an extraction team. (AOS)
  6. Algrim is arrested by Asgardians to sneak into the dungeons. Once inside, he uses the Kursed stone to begin the attack on Asgard to reclaim the Aether. The attack by Malekith leads to the death of Thor and Loki’s mother, Frigga. Thor realizes that Malekith could strike at any minute and wishes to move Jane away from the city, but a grief-ridden Odin refuses. Thor frees Loki and with the help of Sif and the Warriors Three, escapes Asgard to Svartalfheim. (TDW)
  7. Phil Coulson gets denied access regarding his death but give information to Skye about her parents. (AOS)
  8. Thor tricks Malekith into removing the Aether from Jane Foster, but this leads to Loki making Thor think he is dead. Malekith goes to Greenwich to begin to use the Convergence to destroy all of the realms. Thor defeats him and kills him with his own ship. (TDW)
  9. Loki, disguised as Odin, allows Thor to return to Earth, giving Loki full control of Asgard. (TDW)
  10. Sif and Volstagg give the Aether to the Collector, who then tells Gamora to find the Orb. (TDW/GOTG)
  11. Michael Peterson is brought in to help ambush the Oakland Centipede Base. The mission is successful, but Coulson is given to Raina as a trade for Peterson’s son. Peterson is thought dead after an explosion during the trade. (AOS)
  12. Coulson uses the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine to recover his memories. (AOS)
  13. After being shot by Ian Quinn, she is healed by GH.325, a Kree body fluid from a dead Kree found on Earth. The facility, known as the Guest House, is destroyed after this.
  14. New S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Mark Smith is recruited into HYDRA by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who then kills fellow recruit Nicholas Cooper after Cooper realizes the connection between Loki’s Scepter and the Tesseract. The scepter is then given to Strucker. (WS)
  15. Strucker begins testing on the scepter, testing on multiple volunteers who are anti – Avengers. Two of the subjects are twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. They get the powers, as Pietro gets super speed and Wanda gets telekinesis and energy projection.
  16. Jasper Sitwell is ordered to go to the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship Lemurian Star. Before this, Steve Rogers meets Sam Wilson, before being picked up by Natasha Romanoff. Rogers and Romanoff team up along with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s STRIKE team to get the Lemurian Star back after it is hijacked by Algerian pirate and their leader, Georges Batroc. (WS)
  17. Rogers is shown by Nick Fury Project Insight, three helicarriers that will preemptively take out targets. Later, he is denied access to the data  on Black Widow’s USB that she got from the Lemurian Star’s computers. He is then attacked by assassins and then run into the Winter Soldier. He then goes to Steve Rogers apartment and is shot by the Winter Soldier. Steve’s neighbor reveals herself to be Agent 13, and Steve chases the Winter Soldier, only to be stopped. Rogers hides the USB Fury. Fury “dies”, and Rogers is attacked by the STRIKE team in an elevator, and runs into Black Widow after going for the USB, who gives him more information regarding the Winter Soldier. Brock Rumlow leads the STRIKE team to hunt them both down.
    Rogers and Romanoff’s search lead them to Steve’s old training camp, Camp Lehigh, where they find a secret HYDRA base with the consciousness of Arnim Zola telling them that HYDRA has continued its operations within S.H.I.E.L.D.. Alexander Pierce, Jasper Sitwell and Brock Rumlow are revealed to by Hydra sleeper agents and that Project Insight is based on an algorithm by Zola. They are then bombed by Hydra. While in Washington D.C. and assisted by Sam Wilson, Captain America fights Winter Soldier who is revealed to be his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Steve, Sam and Natasha are rescued from capture by Maria Hill, who reveals that Fury is alive. (WS)
  18. Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill get into the Triskelion. They stage a four-part attack: Cap and Falcon take out the carriers, while Black Widow uploads all data regarding S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to the public, with Maria and Fury running point. Cap battles and loses to Winter Soldier, but downs all three carriers. Bucky remembers who Cap is and saves him from drowning in the Potomac River. (WS)
  19. HYDRA sends a message to all sleeper agents to help regain control after the destruction of Triskelion, with them battling real S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the academy and at the Hub. The attack ends with John Garrett revealing himself to being the Clairvoyant. As he is being escorting for incarceration, Grant Ward is finally revealed to be a HYDRA agent, and kills Victoria Hand. While this happens, the Illiad is attacked by HYDRA agents already on board, and the remaining agents including Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird, Mack and Robert Gonzales decide to start a new S.H.I.E.L.D. under Gonzales’ command. S.H.I.E.L.D. is branded a terrorist organization. (AOS)
  20. Coulson’s team battles with Garrett, Raina, Ward and Deathlok at Cybertek. Everyone is wary of Garrett after he is injected with a synthetic GH.235. He is killed by Coulson after Garrett tries to upgrade himself with the Deathlok parts. Nick Fury appoints Coulson as the new director, gives him a new base known as the playground and a device called the Toolbox.(AOS)
  21. Calvin Zabo is told by Raina that she has found his daughter Skye. (AOS)
  22. On July 31st, the Nova and Kree Empire sign a peace treaty and Ronan refuses the treaty and begins terrorizing Xandarian space. The next day, the Ravagers are hired by the Broker to recover the Orb off of Morag. He runs into Korath the Pursuer.
    Peter Quill aka Star Lord decides to go for the bounty himself, leading Yondu, leader of the Ravagers to put a bounty on his head. Ronan, under Thanos employment in exchange for the promised destruction of Xandar, sends Gamora to retrieve the Orb. They run into each other on Xandar, along with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, who are trying to collect Quill’s bounty. All four are captured by the Nova Corps and sent to the Kyln. They defend Gamora from Drax, whose wife and kid was killed by Ronan. All five team up to escape the prison, and decide to take the Orb to the Collector for a huge bounty at Knowhere.
    While there, they learn that the Orb is actually housing the Power Infinity Stone. Through a battle inside Knowhere, the orb ends up with Ronan who decides to betray Thanos and destroy Xandar on his own. After joining both the Ravagers and Nova Empire, the Guardians (Rocket, Gamora, Groot, Star-Lord, Drax) use the Power Stone to destroy Ronan. The stone is given to the Nova Corps and Quill learns he is part of an ancient race of aliens. (GOTG)
  23. Coulson has Jemma Simmons infiltrate HYDRA and Bobbi Morse secretly join to protect her. (AOS)
  24. Coulson supervises Theta Protocol. (AOS/AVU)
  25. Johnathan Pangborn is admitted to hospital for recovery. (DS)
  26. CEO of Pym Technologies Darren Cross begins posting more about Hope Van Dyne’s project. (AM)
  27. Raina is threatened by Daniel Whitehall to give him the Obelisk. (AOS)
  28. Simmons’ cover at HYDRA Laboratories is blown by Raina. Sunil Bakshi goes after her, only for Bobbi Morse to rescue her and both escape. Lance Hunter reveals to the rest of the team that he and Bobbi are divorced. Meanwhile, Whitehall is given the Diviner by Zabo. (AOS)
  29. Grant Ward’s brother, Senator Christian Ward, agrees to publicly back S.H.I.E.L.D. if his brother is turned over to his custody. In transit, Ward escapes. Ward betrays Bakshi and turns him over to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson decides that the writings he has been doing lead to a Kree City. (AOS)
  30. Skye’s father is revealed to be leading a team to find the Kree City. Grant kills his brother after Christian reveals he was the one that tortured their brother, Thomas, when they were kids. Grant kills Christian, along with his mother and father, and plants it as a murder-suicide. Coulson finds the city. One half of the team goes to the Castillo San Cristobal, which is on top of the city. Raina and Skye make their way to the city location. While there, Mack touches the ground and is taken over by a force in the temple. He is taken out and dropped back down the shaft. Raina and Skye are captured by Skye, and Fitz, Simmons and Triplett prepare to plant bombs in the city to destroy it. (AOS)
  31. Skye meets her father for the first time. Whitehall forces Skye to touch the Diviner, which should kill her, but instead it glows in her hand. Whitehall reveals he experimented on Skye’s mother. During the main fight, Skye triple-tap shoots Ward for all he has done. Raina takes the Diviner, leading Skye to chase her. Whitehall is going to shoot Calvin Zabo, until Coulson shoots him first. Agent 33 retrieves Ward, while Triplett arrives at the temple in the center of city as Raina opens the Diviner to reveal the Terrigen Crystals, with her, Skye and Triplett in a closed off room. The crystals release the Terrigen Mists, unlocking both Skye and Raina’s abilities. Triplett tries to destroy the Diviner but is turned to stone in the process.When Skye comes out of Terrigenesis, she sees Triplett die and has an emotional break down, causing an earthquake. Raina is transformed, but escapes. Meanwhile, Gordon, lets another Inhuman know someone has gone through Terrigenesis. (AOS)
  32. Gordon saves Raina from S.H.I.E.L.D. in Puerto Rico, meanwhile Mack finds out that Fury’s Toolbox is in Coulson’s office. Also Vin-Tak comes to Earth after learning their might be new Inhumans for him to kill. Sif is sent to stop him, but has her mind wiped with his truncheon. She later emerges and they find Sif, Vin-Tak and case of five Diviners emptied. Vin-Tak reveals the history of the Inhumans, causing Skye to panic. Due to this, Skye is terrified of what she has become, and asks Gordon to take her away to Afterlife. Lance is also shown the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agency. (AOS)
  33. Skye meets Lincoln, an Inhuman doctor who is helping her with her transition. She also meets Jiaying, who she doesn’t realize is her mother. Gonzales tries to have Coulson and Hunter captured but a newly geared Deathlok saves them. Skye begins her training with her mother. While having dinner with both Jiaying and Zabo, Lincoln realizes that Raina’s power is clairvoyance. Skye teams up with Ward and Coulson later to save Lincoln from an Arctic HYDRA facility, using her Inhuman and S.H.I.E.L.D. training to save him. Coulson opens the Toolbox with Gonzales, revealing that Fury is still alive. Coulson recieves a call from Maria Hill revealing that Dr. List is in Sokovia doing experiments in Sokovia with Loki’s Scepter. They send in the Avengers. At the same time, Raina sees visions of the scepter, Ultron and Sokovia in the sky. (AOS)
  34. On April 29th, The Avengers raid the HYDRA research base in Sokovia. While there, Wanda Maximoff manipulates Tony Stark’s mind. The Scepter and Wolfgang von Strucker are taken, ending the longstanding war on HYDRA. While at Avengers Tower, Helen Cho, Stark and Bruce Banner discover an A.I. in the stone of the scepter, and decide to use it for the Ultron Program. During a party, the Ultron program awakens, becomes sentient and destroys the J.A.R.V.I.S. program. He takes over a few of the Iron Legion robots and attacks the team before escaping with the scepter. He then flies to Sokovia and creates a new body and an army of drones. He then meets the Maximoff twins and convinces them to join his cause, which includes the death of Strucker.
    Discovering that Ultron will use Vibranium to create a new body, they track him to Johannesburg, meeting with Ulysses Klaue, where a battle ensues. Bruce Banner, who stayed behind on the ship, has his mind clouded by Wanda and rampages through Johannesburg. Iron Man uses the Hulkbuster armor to fight Hulk and stop his rampage.
    The team hides at Hawkeye’s homestead and meet his family. After meeting with Nick Fury at the homestead, they realize Ultron will go after Helen Cho to further upgrade his body. Thor, who has left the group for answers as to what he saw during his skirmish with Wanda, learns of the Infinity Stones and that the Mind Stone is inside Loki’s Scepter.
    Cho helps Ultron create a new body with the Mind Stone, but Wanda realizes Ultron’s endgame and escapes with her brother. Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow travel to Seoul to stop him, with it ending with Black Widow being captured by Ultron and the new Ultron body being transferred to Tony Stark. Wanda and Pietro warn Captain America that Tony is just like Ultron and will try to fix things but make it worse.
    Cap, Wanda and Pietro fight Bruce, Tony and Hawkeye, until Thor shows up and uses Mjolnir to complete the upload of J.A.R.V.I.S. into the body. The body springs out and tells the team that they need to stop Ultron, getting their approval after lifting his hammer. The Avengers and the Maximoff twins head to Sokovia to stop Ultron.
    While at Sokovia, Wanda uses her ability to get the people of the city, but the full evacuation is halted when Ultron reveals that his plan is to use the city that is now filled with vibranium to fly high enough to drop it and cause an extinction-level event. Fury arrives with a Helicarrier and War Machine to help get people off the city and stop any Ultron bots from leaving the city. The main team fights at the heart of the city to stop Ultron from touching the key to drop the city. Wanda stays behind to protect the key, but leaves it once Ultron kills Quicksilver, who saved Hawkeye from Ultron. The city begins to fall and both Scarlet Witch and Vision kill Ultron. Thor charges up his hammer at the key to blast the city at the same time Iron Man shoots his uni-beam from underneath the city to cause the city to implode, reducing it to a giant pile of dust and rubble. Hulk takes a quinjet and flies off, leaving Black Widow depressed. (AVU)
  35. During this, Helmut Zemo’s family is killed. He finds their bodies and plans revenge on the Avengers. (CW)
  36. Gordon and Raina infiltrate the Illiad to find the Monolith. Skye and Lincoln return to Afterlife. (AOS)
  37. Jonathan Pangborn hears of Kamar-Taj in Nepal and heads there to help with his injury. (DS)
  38. Stark turns an old facility in New York into the New Avengers Facility. (AVU)
  39. Bobbi Morse is kidnapped by Agent 33 and Grant Ward. (AOS)
  40. Raina learns of Jiaying’s plan to destroy the human race and deception, including starting the war between the Inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D.. She is killed by Jiaying. Gordon leads a group to hijack the Illiad. (AOS)
  41. Tired of failure, Thanos retrieves one of the two Inifinity Gauntlets and vows to get the Stones on his own. (AVU)
  42. Mack, still on the Illiad, frees Skye from her prision. Melinda May, Lance Hunter and a team free Bobbi Morse, with Agent 33 being killed and Bobbi jumping in front of a rifle to save Hunter. Skye fights and defeats Alisha and goes after her mother. Mack, Coulson and Fitz fight Gordon and kill him but Coulson loses his hand due to terrigenesis and Mack cutting part of his arm off to save him. Jiaying fights Skye, revealing Jiaying’s ability to absorb someone’s life force. Skye pushes the Quinjet Jiaying was planning to use to spread the Terrigen Mists across the planet into the ocean. Zabo kills Jiaying. The crystal materials spread through the ocean and after contaminating a shoal of fish, is put into fish oil pills.

And that is everything from Iron Man 3 to the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Next time, we going to go from Ant-Man to Doctor Strange. 


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