E3 2017 Conference Review: Microsoft


We are back again, and its the most wonderful time of the year, E3! We are now onto our second conference of the expo, Microsoft. Xbox has a lot to prove after having two straight years of abysmal performance at the expo, will they reveal new titles exclusive to the brand and will they join the likes of Nintendo and Sony by having an affordable 4K product? Here is my review of Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference.

The Good

Xbox One X Looks Graphically Amazing: Graphically, I cannot lie, this system looks absolutely amazing. The Xbox One X, or previously known as Project Scorpio’s, 4K quality on this system is an amazing selling point to anyone willing to buy the system and hopefully it makes enough money to get back into second place, in terms of the console wars.


The Bad

The Entire Conference, Starting With Xbox One X: Okay, I decided to say something nice about Microsoft this year, only because one I’m in a good mood and two, because it’s becoming a pain to have to talk about how a company is constantly taking a fail dive into the gaming world. To recap this entire conference, they spent between 7 to 15 minutes talking about the new system, and none of it was stuff that we already didn’t know. Secondly, I have a feeling this system is going to have a massive recall because of one major thing: the coolant system. You see, Microsoft added a coolant system to the Xbox One X to make it more like a PC. But anyone who has a PC will tell you that having an installed cooling system is risky because if it gets jarred loose or breaks inside, it can destroy the system before its even played. And you would think that this is the biggest issue with this system.

Actually it gets worse. On top of that, they made this system pointless because of what was said during its showing: Xbox One X will have a feature that if you don’t have a 4K TV (you know the TV’s that the lowest price point on Amazon is $319 without S&H) that will match your television quality so that you can play anyway. Then by that reasoning, why would I buy the system if a Xbox One or Xbox One S will play it normally? And it gets even worse when the price tag for this machine is $500, which after tax will be around $535. So that means if a person wants to play an Xbox One X at 4K quality, they would have to spend around a thousand dollars, including the games and controller. In this day and age, no one has that kind of money to shell out.

Finally I’m going to get to the real failure of this conference, the games. Microsoft showed off about twenty games at their conference, but here is the kicker, only six of them are Xbox exclusives, with at least a large portion of them coming out a year later. Now I’m not calling for Microsoft to only show exclusive games at their conference, that would be unfair. But if Microsoft wants to catch up with the likes of Sony, it needs to give the gamers new Triple A titles that we will stand in line to buy. Nothing shown at this conference made me want to go out and reserve a Xbox One X.


Final Grade:


Nothing about this conference got me excited about buying a Xbox One X, other than the system itself. Its pretty to look at, but the price point, along with other things needed to play this system, is too much on the average consumer and is going to end up biting the company in the behind. Plus you know its sad when the biggest pop your conference gets isn’t over the new system, but over backwards compatibility now reaching the original Xbox.


How do you think Microsoft did at the conference? Comment Below, and come back later today where I will be reviewing Bethseda, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo.


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