E3 2017 Conference Review: Sony

We are back and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! We have reached the Tom Brady of video game conferences, as it is now Sony’s turn to wow us and prove why they are still the top dog in video gaming. What new games will they show off this time and what can we expect to knock our socks off? This is the E3 2017 conference review of Sony.

The Good

All Pizza, No Crust: Sony saw what Microsoft did and instead of panicking and doing a lot of public speaking, they did the exact opposite: they barely came out. Sony’s CEO Shawn Leyden came out twice during the ENTIRE press conference and spoke for a whopping 5 minutes in total. Sony decided to be ballsy and trust the audience by just showing us what we wanted to see: games. While a majority of the games have later release dates, they know for a fact that after seeing EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft’s conferences, that PS4/ PS4 Pro owners will have multiple games to hold them over until there’s comes out. And did I mention no talking? Seriously, the conference went exactly like this: 3 titles shown, Shawn comes out and speaks, leaves, more games shown, Shawn speaks to close, and Spiderman closes out the show. This conference was definitely all pizza, no crust.

Exclusivity: I will harp on this all day, Sony is winning the console war because unlike Microsoft, they are willing to make their entire conference about exclusive games that are only going to be on their system. Every game shown at Sony’s press conference, other than Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WWII is console-exclusive to the PS4/PS4 Pro. That is not only a good sign, but as I said in the previous good point, it shows that Sony is smart to know that its consumers are smart as well.

The Bad

Infamous 4: While this is the same gripe I have with the Ubisoft conference, this one isn’t as bad. We as gamers know there will be an Infamous 4 eventually coming, but it would have been nice if they had shown something, even if it’s a trailer to get us hyped up for the game. I would not be surprised if this game is being developed and Troy Baker is pulling double duty while shooting The Last of Us 2, but I would have loved to see what new adventure awaits Delsin Rowe.

Final Grade


This conference did nothing to sway me in my belief that the PS4 is the console for gamers as they showed me nothing but good games to look forward to in the near future. I can’t wait to see these games released and mines to explore.

What did you think of Sony’s conference this year? Did you like, love or hate it? Give a comment and a lie down below. And come back later to see my Nintendo review and the wrap-up of the entire E3 2017 Expo.



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