E3 2017 Conference Review: Ubisoft


We are back and it’s still the most wonderful time of the year! We are now at the Ubisoft conference and while we know a lot of the games that are coming out via Ubisoft prior to the conference, we are always ready for a surprise from one of the most innovative developers  in the video game industry. What will we see this year? Will we get a new platform game to enjoy? How much Assassin’s Creed: Origins will be shown during the conference? This is my E3 2017 Conference Review of Ubisoft.

The Good

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Need I say more? Oh, continue? This surprise easily gave the conference a high-grade as the conference focused on games coming out this year, and after announcing this, Ubisoft gets a pass for putting other games on the shelf to release this game. While it is a prequel to the original game, my social media feed was buzzing after the announcement trailer for this game was shown. I think Ubisoft might win best in show, just because of this trailer.

A Non-Assassin’s Creed Game… Based on Assassin’s Creed?: Normally, you wouldn’t see this as a plus, but Skull and Bones looks absolutely amazing. From what I can tell, they took the engine from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and made it multiplayer and online. This game is going to be absolutely fun to play and its going to get many log hours trying to sink ships for gold.


The Bad

No Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell: Okay, while I am happy that Beyond Good and Evil 2 premiered a trailer during the conference, I was incredibly bummed to see no news about a Prince of Persia game or a Tom Clancy Splinter Cell game. I know that they have a lot of studios split doing different projects, but in the year off, there is no way that talks of a new PoP or Splinter Cell didn’t cross their minds.


Final Grade


To be fair, the conference was amazing, but it was very short, it went by quicker than I could have imagined and to be honest, short of Assassin’s Creed, Skull and Bones, BG&E2, and Bebe Rexha, I could have cared less about any of the other games shown at the conference. Don’t get me wrong, I know Ubi is spread thin, but I was expecting just a little bit more.

What did you think of the conference? Did you like, love or hate it? Give it a like and comment down below. And come back later as we will wrap up the conference reviews with reviews of both Sony and Nintendo and finally, a complete wrap-up of E32017.


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