E3 Conference Review: Nintendo

We are back and its the most wonderful time of the year! We are at the tail end of the  conferences for the 2017 E3 Expo, but we are not slowing down as we now have Nintendo up to the plate. What will Nintendo offer us after releasing the Switch? What can the Mario gang do to push themselves above that third position in the console wars? This is my conference review of Nintendo’s E3 2017 Conference.

The Good

Nintendo Bringing The Games: Nintendo took a page out of Sony’s playbook and decided to bring video games to a video game conference. First we got a repeat video of the Mario/Raving Rabbids game, then a look at a new Kirby, a new Yoshi game. We also got more gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey, some really great J-RPG’s and then the game that broke the internet to a degree: Metroid Prime 4 on the Switch. While it wasn’t a lot of games shown, it was enough to keep us interested for the switch, including DLC for Legend of Zelda and talk about some of their cross-platform games. This was a good conference for Nintendo.

The Bad

No Smash Bros for the Switch: Now this was my only issue with the conference. I would have loved if this conference had shown at least an announcement trailer for the biggest game other than a Super Mario or Mario Kart. I would love if they announced it, and while it isn’t a knock on their conference, it’s a slight annoyance.

Final Grade


This conference was good, not great. Was excited, not knock your socks off.  It left more to be desired, but it still had a good conference. I hope Nintendo builds off this towards Gamescom and next year’s E3.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s conference? Was it good or bad? Comment and leave a like down below. And come back later this week for my overall expo review.



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