E3 Conference Review: Winners and Losers

Well we are a bit removed from the most wonderful time of the gaming year, E3 2017. But who was the best in show? Who was the worst? Which conference was the best and which was the worst? This is my winners and losers of E3 2017.


A Way Out
This game had me more excited than a lot of the games shown at the conferences in entirety. While this game didnt show a lot during the conference, everything I saw made me want to play this game. This was definitely a winner for me.

So, Destiny with Iron Man suits? Yes please! I didn’t know what this game was when it was first shown. But while it was paired with Microsoft, this game is one of most anticipated games of the upcoming year. Hopefully this game plays well and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Okay, I don’t have a big gripe with this conference except they really didnt show anything big this year. Sure they gave DLC and VR versions of their franchises, but nothing to get me wanting to purchase their games next year. Hopefully this was a hold off until next year, but it definitely was a loss in my books.

Microsoft’s Entire Conference

I don’t really have to say much other than Microsoft is trying to keep up with Sony by creating a 4K system no one can afford that does absolutely nothing better than its previous predecessors, making this system utterly pointless and useless, which shouldn’t be a surprise from a company that takes more L’s than the Philadelphia 76ers.

Well those are my winners and losers, who are yours? Leave a comment and a like down below.



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