SpiderMan: Homecoming Spoiler Review


In 2016, Marvel Entertainment announced that their upcoming summer blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, would be the first time we see the Black Panther in live action. Going into the film, we did not expect that one of the most beloved Marvel character would be introduced alongside Black Panther. In Civil War, we got the first look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) version of Spider-Man. This time not only is he more true to the character, but the character is a kid, giving us another avenue that Marvel can go down now. After the shock of Spiderman (and you can see it in this reaction compilation),it was announced that Sony and the MCU would co-produce a Spiderman film within the MCU titled Spiderman: Homecoming. But how was the movie? Was it an absolute smash or did it flop? Here is my official review of Spiderman: Homecoming


  1. The Movie: I hold certain MCU movies as movies that have the claim to be the best of the bunch. Captain America: Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange, Thor come to mind. This movie joins that list instanteaously. This movie was everything I wanted from a Spider-Man film and so much more.  Watching the film from start to finish, I did not feel like I was watching a film, but rather reading a comic book storyline in hardcover form. Everything about this film was excellent: the pacing of the movie, the plot, the action, the drama of it all had greatness written all over it. Some of my favorite scenes aren’t even in costume but more so less significant scenes, like Aunt May getting Peter ready for Homecoming, seeing Adrian decide to make a change after Stark screws him over, the homecoming dance. All of it was absolutely amazing.
  2. Remaking classic panels come to life: While a lot of comic book fans thought that the scene that would mirror the comics would be the boat scene from the trailers, to me that was only a tasting of classic panels from the comic books. The scene of where Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture, traps Spider-Man under the rubble of his old headquarters gives me two iconic scenes: first, when he looks up and sees his face as half spidey and half Peter Parker, something the comic books always harkens back to, his dual identity and how thin the line is between both of them. The second scene is right after this scene, where they pay homage to the Amazing Spider-Man #33 comic where Spidey shows off his incredible strength by lighting a structure off of him, the same way he does in this scene. I love how Marvel has slowly done this in their most recent films, and this one was definitely one of the top ones.
  3. The Cast: I can’t lie, this cast was a lot doper than I thought it would be. Of course, Tom Holland and Michael Keaton tore the house down, but Marissa Tomei proved that Aunt May does not need to be an older lady in order to make the character work. Bringing in Tony Revolori to be Flash Thompson was amazing, and Jacob Balaton as Ned was not only a great sidekick but proved that he was just as important in this film. RDJ was great in this film, and surprised everyone on how much he wasn’t in the film, despite the advertisements making everyone think he would be. The surprise of Gwyneth Paltrow was awesome and having Donald Glover to further set him up as the Prowler, which will set up Mile Morales later on.  All in all this cast was amazing, even the no-brainer that Zendaya is Mary Jane Watson.


  1. Nothing: I have tried to think of what could be a negative of this film, and I cannot think of one solitary negative of this film without coming off as picky. Sure many people will cite not doing the origin story as a negative, but we have seen two different Spider-man series where the origin was done and we don’t need a third iteration of that. This movie was a good time overall that I would have no problem watching over and over again.

Final Grade

A+. This movie was awesome and is absolutely different from the last two iterations of Spider-Man. Where both films failed, this film took its successes and made them 10x better. Nothing about this film will make you feel overwhelmed by comic book knowledge and everything this film is setting up is definitely worth the price of admission. I can’t believe how good this film was and makes me happy that both Sony and Disney struck a deal made in web-slinger heaven.

What were your thoughts on the film? Did you like, love or hate it? Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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