E3 2017 Conference Review: Bethseda


We are back again, and its the most wonderful time of the year! We are now at the Bethesda conference. Last year, Bethesda had an amazing conference, showing off games that we would get the following year and giving us great games to enjoy. What will we receive from Bethesda this year? A new Evil Within? More Doom? Here is my official review of Bethesda’s conference at E3 2017.


The Good
imple And Sweet

Bethesda did not waste any time getting straight to the point of what we, the viewers wanted to see: Games, games and even more games. They first informed us that we would be receiving an update to both Doom and Fallout 4 with VR add-ons. While those aren’t two games I personally play, adding VR to them is going to give a lot of replay value to both. They then revealed a DLC, which seems to be a standalone, for Dishonored 2 which will see two well-known characters, Lurk and Duad, hunt down the Outsider. The trailer looks like we are in for more of the stealthy supernatural fun that was Dishonored 2, so fans of the series should be happy.

We then got our first look at The Evil Within 2, which by god all mighty looks terrifyingly good. I played a bit of the first one and had to put it down due to nightmares and this one looks like the second page in a book of nightmares. Finally we got a look at the next Wolfenstein game, The New Colossus. The gameplay looks absolutely incredible and is still that balls to the wall action that the last game, had.

And that was it. No extra flair, no waiting for someone to come out they treated this year’s conference somewhat like Nintendo does with their Nintendo Treehouse Conference, which at first seems like somewhat of a diss, but considering that Bethesda pretty had knock out home runs last year with all their games and every game shown will be released this year, I can’t help but say this conference was a good one.


Final Grade


People are going to poo-poo the fact that the conference wasn’t that long but to me, if you aren’t one of the bigger conferences (i.e. a Microsoft of Sony) then an hour is long enough for your company to show off its new games, some ideas that will be coming down the pipe and give thanks to the fans that bought your games. Bethesda isn’t the company that produces a lot of the games I personally play, but it has some of the best games I’ve ever seen from not only a graphic point of view, but just from an enjoyment point of view as well. It is well deserving of an A-.


What do you think, does Bethesda deserve a higher or lower grade? Leave a comment down below. Also come back as I’ll be doing reviews of Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo as apart of my E3 2017 coverage.



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